Meet Our Horses


You will be so lucky to be paired with Chett!  He is a guest favorite for everything.  He is a former lesson horse from Signal Hill Ranch and absolutely loves to teach our guests how to ride.  He is a staff pick for our ranch rodeos and absolutely loves working cows.  He is highly trained and has a lot of personality.  He is a chestnut color and stands 15.2 hands tall.  Chett is a Quarter Horse and is known at the ranch for being super smart.    

chett w cowboy Chett Standing Chett at Rail




Whiskey is a gorgeous addition to the TTR family.  He is an amazing all-around Ranch Horse.  You can tell Whiskey loves his job as a trail horse.  He is a very forward moving Quarter Horse and takes the trail head on.  He does not mess around.  He is a beautiful light colored palomino.   and stands 15.2 hands tall.

Whiskey Running Whiskey Sunset Whiskey Trail Ride



Don't let his pretty face fool you...  Julius is great all-around horse, not just a "pretty boy".  He is safe & extremely fun on the trails.  You will love him.  He has performed at University of Texas Events and is a movie star.  He has been featured on numerous T.V. Shows, commercials and print ads.  He is one of our "Go To" guys that we can always count on.  If you get lucky, you will get to ride this pretty painted Quarter Horse.  He stand 15.1 hands tall. 

Julius Standing Julius, tina & tristan 



Topper has done everything!  This Quarter Horse loves trail riding.  In his former life, he was a rodeo and roping horse.  Even though he was a performance horse, he is great for beginners.  He was a lesson horse at Signal Hill Ranch for years.  He still loves to work cattle and is a favorite of all our guests.  He is a sorrel color, stands at 15 hands tall and never misses a meal.  Topper is a total sweet heart, You will LOVE him!

Topper on Fence Topper ReiningTopper Saddled 




Boone is a true "Southern Gentleman"  and our owner's pride and joy.  He is her former show horse, and was a successful Eventer with extensive jumping and dressage training.  You will fall in love with him when you meet Mr. Handsome!  He is extremely athletic and is an ex-race thoroughbred horse.  We love him, but he is not for beginner riders.  He is a tall 16.2 hands and loves his retirement guiding trail rides.

Boone grazing on grass   Boone, Thoroughbred, Jumping, Sport Horse   Boone Dressage



This guy is everyone's True Favorite!  He is one of our best camp horses and can do everything.  English or Western, Jumping or Barrel Racing, he is your man.  You would never know he was a senior.  He has been there, done everything and a favorite pick for adults and kids, alike. He is an Arabian gelding and is the smartest horse we have ever known.  He is on the smaller size at 14.2 hands tall. He loves birthday parties and taking care of kids!

 Danny Running Barrels   Danny Kids  Danny with Ty














This talented Thoroughbred is a former hunter/jumper superstar.  He is one of our tallest horses standing 16.3 hands tall.  Bring your carrots... Sterling is known around the barn for performing tricks for orange goodies.  This guy is an amazing ride, with a huge heart and personality plus.

Sterling Jumping Sterling on Fence 





Everyone adores our Thoroughbred, Baylor.  She is a sweetheart and an amazing ride.  She is so very special and is one of the only few mares at our ranch.  Baylor is one of the owner's former show horses.  We are so lucky to have her and her beloved boyfriend, Sterling.  Baylor is an elite dressage horse that loves her job being semi-retired, helping with camp and trail riding. We have all learned so much from this horse and she continues to teach even the most advanced riders, new skills.   

Baylor Trailer Baylor Head Shot  Baylor & Becky    


Where to start?  The Greatest Pony EVER!! Dozer is a former Amish Horse and was ridden to school everyday!  He is our owner's daughter's first pony.  He is awesome for the little ones and a great confidence builder.  He might be little, but he doesn't know it.  He is the boss in the pasture and takes care of our kids!

  tristan & dozer  









In Loving Memory...

Maybelle Clydesdale

Our Beloved Clydesdale, Maybelle.